Residential Septic Tank Services

Living in the country can be a fantastic life experience, as long as the water and sewage are working properly. Nothing causes a crisis quicker then not having water or discovering a septic back up in the basement.

Whether it’s a potable water issue or a septic system not functioning properly, we have the skills and qualifications to service, maintain and repair all types of water and septic systems. From jet pumps, well pumps, cistern pumps, and pressure tanks for potable water systems, to in house septic pumps, submersible septic effluent pumps, turbine effluent pumps, control switches for septic systems, we stock, supply and install them all.

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Residential Septic Cleaning Pump out


This system consists of a septic tank with an effluent discharging directly onto surface of the ground. The effluent can be either pumped or gravity discharged, if the discharge is lower than the tank, a sewer ejector may be installed.

Cleaning Requirements: Remove crust, liquids, solid waste, and sludge with vacuum truck

This system consists of a septic tank and a discharge made by elevating trenches in the ground and delivering the effluent to them via piping. Pre 1985, this was typically called Tile Field, after 1985 Chamber Technology started to appear.

Cleaning Requirements: Vacuum out tank

This system consists of a septic tank where the effluent is discharged to a cesspool (a large perforated tank or container buried in the ground). The effluent can be pumped or gravity fed to a discharge.

Cleaning Requirements: Remove crust, vacuum liquids, sludge, and solids. Every second year, the cesspool should be cleaned to remove solids and reduce T.S.S (total suspended solids) build-up.

This system consists of a septic tank, an effluent pump, and an above ground disposal site consisting of distribution pipes in sand or gravel and covered in layers of black dirt. Many mounds constructed in late 1980’s and newer are built with sewage baskets and have high level alarms in the septic tank.

Cleaning Requirements: Vacuum tank, clean pump, check MCS and ACS switches, clean basket, and mound service.

This system consists of a septic tank and an effluent pump which pumps to a sand filter. The clarified effluent is then pumped to a discharge, which is typically an “at grade.” It has been our experience that sand filters require annual cleaning. This is due to the potential for bio solids accumulation, which is caused by the reduced bacteria action from our colder climate. It is also recommended that sand filters have regular cleaning of the filters and baskets to minimize bio-material build up.

Cleaning Requirements: Flush laterals, vacuum top end sand filter, vacuum tank, pull and clean filters and screen, vacuum discharge collection line, and vacuum sand filter at grade discharge.

There are many variations on these septic systems. There are also various bio-kinetic textile filters and other sophisticated septic systems, all of which are cleaned, serviced, and maintained by Strathcona Septic Tank Services. Contact us today to learn more.