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road ban water hauling

Company Newsletter: It's Road Ban Season

March 28, 2022:

Every year around this time, many roads in the area we serve have the posted axle weight lowered as the ground softens in order to protect roadways from damage under heavy loads. We want to make sure you stay informed on seasonal road bans so you aren't running out of water earlier than anticipated. If you have your water hauled in for your home's cistern, please click here to learn more about current water hauling load amounts.

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Residential Water and Septic Services

Residential Septic Tank Cleaning & Repair Work
  • Vacuum truck services
  • Septic tank cleaning and repair work
  • Cistern cleaning and repair work
  • Design / build of systems
  • Septic Tank Inspections

Industrial and Commercial

Industrial Septic Tank & Vacuum Truck Services
  • Vacuum truck service
  • Design / build of systems
  • Power flush / thaw service
  • Sump and grease trap cleaning
  • Large underground lines flushed and cleaned

Construction Services

Repairing Septic Tank Parts and Equipment

Strathcona Septic Tank Services