Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial and Commercial

Yes, SSTS is both Secor Certified with an “A” rating and a member in good standing with ISNetworld.

 Yes, SSTS both owns and operates all of its equipment. This way we can ensure that both the equipment and the operators are right for the customers needs.

Yes, just call us and we will forward you the latest documentation that fits your requirements.

 Yes, SSTS has a full equipment maintenance program. Also, SSTS takes pride in the fact that our excavators and skid steers vacuum trucks are all less than five years old.

Yes, SSTS already works in the excess of 20 industrial/petrochemical plants in these areas.

Yes, SSTS is a debt free, reliable service provider, and customer driver, therefore; whatever our customer requests us to do, we will put the people and the equipment in place to meet that request.


There is no cut and dry answer to this. First, what kind of septic system do you have? Second, how old is the septic system?

A good rule of thumb is a home septic system older than 10 years, with four or more people in the house, should be cleaned once a year. If three or less people are in the home, then cleaning should be done every two years. If your home is newer than 10 years you should contact us to establish a frequency.

Yes! Applying a controlled vacuum to the discharge line going to the mound accomplishes a number of good things:

The vacuum drawback ensures the DRV is open and operating

– It removes the sludge and solids buildup from the discharge line
– It ensures mound piping doesn’t build up sludge
– It ensures the orifice holes in the mound piping are open and not plugged
– it oxygenates the top end of mound, thus giving bacteria a boost

For more about your Mound System, visit our Residential Services page for more.

ABSOLUTELY! A septic alarm can save/alert you of a potential backup into your home. As we all know, it’s not a case of if it will happen, but when it will happen. Eventually a mechanical failure will occur, as nothing lasts forever.

A sewage screen became a mandatory item in the 2009 standards of practice. The purpose of a sewage screen is to reduce the amount of solids entering the septic pump and being pumped out to the treatment facility, giving the pump and the treatment facility a longer lifespan.

Yes! Strathcona Septic Tank Services is bonded & licensed to work in the City of Edmonton.


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