About Us

Photo of employees and trucks

Strathcona Septic and Water is one of the premier rural water and septic system designers, builders, and installers in Northern Alberta having installed over 600 cisterns, septic tanks, and complete systems. From specialized repairs, inspections, and complex systems to vacuum truck services, and regular septic tank pumping or water hauling, we do it all.

With a team of trained professionals, we are capable and qualified to get the job done right. We will put the right people and equipment into place to meet and exceed all of our customers’ expectations. With our own dedicated health and safety program, our field technicians are qualified to perform work on all types of commercial and industrial sites. We service all types of customers:residential, commercial and large industrial clients for both water-in and water-out applications, making us the one-stop-shop in our industry.

Our History

Strathcona Septic Tank Services was started in 1973 as a small family owned company with a single axle vacuum truck. A need was observed for a company to service friends’ and customers’ septic tanks on farms and acreages in and around Strathcona County.

From its roots of working out of a garage on an acreage, Strathcona Septic Tank Services has grown due to our friends’ and customers’ needs into a medium-sized company with 30+ pieces of Equipment and 25+ employees working out of a modern, custom-designed facility on the North edge of Sherwood Park.

As Strathcona Septic Tank Services has evolved from a specialist in cleaning residential septic tanks, the decision was made to become a full-line service company in rural water and septic services. In order to achieve this goal, Strathcona Septic Tank Services embarked on a program of training, education, and hiring the proper service technicians. This was done to provide the necessary design, building, and installation skills and qualifications to meet and exceed our friends and customers’ requests. It all started with simple requests to provide emergency vacuum truck services due to septic tank equipment failures.

The next request from our customers was to help to solve the problem of septic backups. This led us into supplying and installing fittings, piping, alarm control switches, as well as effluent sewage and grinder pumps. It wasn’t long before friends and customers were requesting us to provide and install potable water cisterns, to install water lines, and full septic systems from tanks to discharges or fields. The next logical step was to design complete water and septic systems and become certified installers.

At the same time, some of our friends, neighbors, and customers living on acreages were working at industrial sites and facilities in the surrounding areas. This led to industrial and commercial requests to provide vacuum truck services and septic maintenance and repair, along with design, building, and installation of complete systems for industrial clients. In the effort to meet and exceed our customers requirements, Strathcona Septic Tank Services also achieved a full COR safety program certification. This course lead to full passing grade and safety ratings on ISNetworld and other petroleum-oriented safety monitors.

We continuously grow and expand each year to meet the needs of our dear friends and customers. Today, we offer complete sewer, water, and drainage solutions including grease trap and sump cleaning, sewer line cleaning, high-pressure flushing, hydro-vac, hydro-excavation, ground construction, porta-potty rentals, cistern cleaning, septic system inspections, and more.