Construction Site Septic Services

Strathcona Services personnel are qualified, licensed, and certified for analyzing any residential site or property.


No job is too small for Strathcona Services to tackle. Whether it is “just” a broken line repair, sealing leaking man-ways, repairing broken pipe stands, industrial grinder pump repair and maintenance, or residential and industrial alarm repair, Strathcona Services does it all.


Strathcona Services has 25 years of experience in providing “renovation” services for rural water and septic systems. We all know it takes a specialist in doing renovations when dealing with replacing septic tanks or a complete system. The ability to minimize damage to existing trees, shrubs, and grass is due to our attitude that we should treat a customers property like it was our own.


Strathcona Services personnel have years of extensive expertise in designing water and sewer/septic systems on new residential, industrial, and construction projects. Besides delivering professional design, Strathcona Services also has the equipment, personnel, and expertise to build and install any water and septic/sewer systems.