Industrial FAQ

Q: Does SSTS have an approved safety program?

A: Yes, SSTS is both Secor Certified with an “A” rating and a member in good standing with ISNetworld.

Q: Does SSTS own its equipment?

A: Yes, SSTS both owns and operates all of its equipment. This way we can ensure that both the equipment and the operators are right for the customers needs.

Q: Does SSTS have an updated Insurance and WCB letters?

A: Yes, just call us and we will forward you the latest documentation that fits your requirements.

Q: Is SSTS construction equipment in good shape/working order?

A: Yes, SSTS has a full equipment maintenance program. Also, SSTS takes pride in the fact that our excavators and skid steers vacuum trucks are all less than five years old.

Q: Is SSTS qualified to work in a modern Edmonton/Sherwood Park/Fort Saskatchewan petrochemical plant?

A: Yes, SSTS already works in the excess of 20 industrial/petrochemical plants in these areas.

Q: Is SSTS large enough to handle our business?

A: Yes, SSTS is a debt free, reliable service provider, and customer driver, therefore; whatever our customer requests us to do, we will put the people and the equipment in place to meet that request.